Why Strategic PR?

Strategic is passionate about good public relations and the essential part it plays in effective business communications. We know PR programmes really do make a tangible and measurable impact.

But our passion for PR is not all it takes to deliver effectively. To us, it also requires good business discipline and practice based on:

Strong creative and strategic thinking: To ensure PR programmes are compelling, properly focused and tuned to building value in line with clients' specific goals and objectives.
Accountability and ROI: To consistently demonstrate value through structured deliverables management, reporting and evaluation.
Integration: To function as an integral part of our clients' marketing operations.
Knowledge and understanding: To thoroughly understand our clients' business objectives and challenges.
Media contacts: To really know and understand the target media. Our contacts and special relationships have been well-earned over the years by consistently delivering a responsive and relevant media relations service
Total budget transparency: Commitment to delivering pre-agreed client programmes within pre-agreed budgets. No surprises!