International Capability

Through our Strategic Alliance International PR Partners network, Strategic PR's capability and reach extends globally with a particular emphasis on Europe.

The Consultancy's proven approach to international PR is that there is no better way to deliver and ensure well-planned and executed multiple-country PR programmes than through a centrally managed service, implemented by specialist account teams.

Using this formula, clients benefit from tightly integrated, seamlessly managed programmes across multiple countries, just as if they were running programmes in a single country. Apart from the time savings, this enables clients to more easily retain overall control of the pre-agreed and budgeted programme, and be assured that all corporate and product messages remain consistent - whatever language they may be in.

Each local Strategic Alliance Partner firm reports to the designated Strategic PR lead team. Structured reporting and management procedures are adhered to for ensuring properly co-ordinated and accountable campaigns. The lead Strategic PR team is responsible for communications with the principal client contact and the local PR teams. Where appropriate and where agreed, the local teams will liaise with the client's local country offices and/or distributors. Contact us for more details about how we manage international programmes.

All Strategic Alliance International Partner firms are specialised in business-to-business PR with a major focus on technology. Most are independently owned.