The Company

Strategic PR

Founded in 1991, Strategic PR is a long established well-respected business-to-business public relations consultancy.

Business-to-Business PR Solutions For Technology, Automotive, Marine, Rail and More!

Our specialist team of PR professionals is dedicated to serving client organisations engaged in the making, selling and marketing of business-to-business products and solutions. While we are especially experienced in representing client companies in IT ( software, storage, security, networks) and Telecoms, we are also well-established in other industry sectors too. For example, Automotive, Marine, Rail, Retail, Supply Chain & Logistics and others thanks regular assignments on behalf of leading and emerging brand manufacturers.

International Reach

Through our branded Strategic Alliance International PR Partner Network, Strategic PR is also able to deliver outside of the UK as and when required. For clients in North America and/or Europe requiring pan-European or even global PR support, Strategic PR is very adept at functioning as the international project leader and network co-ordinator. For more details of our international PR services, please click on Strategic Alliance International.

Scalable Service

A major competitive advantage Strategic has over other tech specialist PR companies and larger media groups is that we can offer a highly scalable service from basic press relations to full-scale, full service public relations. This flexibility accommodates the various PR and marketing requirements of any client company, at whatever stage of development, from start-up to corporation.

Experienced Personnel

Strategic only employs experienced PR consultants to manage and direct client communication strategies. Measurement methodologies and accountability are fundamental components of Strategic's philosophy of total commitment to achieving clients' goals.

Our strong portfolio of US and European clients has led to Strategic being recognised as one of the leading independent UK public relations consultancies with proven international expertise.